It’s a record! My Electric Avenue hits headlines again

My Electric Avenue hits headlines again as both of our South Shields clusters welcomed Nissan to one of the UK's largest EV streets of the future!

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We’ve now recruited more than ten ‘electric avenues’ – groups, or ‘clusters’, eight of which have ten people or more – where each person will drive an electric car for 18 months to trial a new technology.

We are preparing for when electric cars will be commonplace. The technology will monitor and control the electricity demand from charging electric cars. It is a solution that will save expensive and disruptive work being carried out to upgrade the electricity network and avoid the need for roads to be dug up.

Our ‘technical trials’ are fully subscribed, and although we have reached our minimum recruitment requirements for the Social trials there are still some spaces left, but be quick! they will go fast! For more information, click here

A Nissan Leaf electric car

Ofgem, the energy industry regulator, is funding the project through its Low Carbon Networks Fund, supported by Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution, the company that is responsible for maintaining the local electricity network in certain areas in Britain. This will make sure that the lights stay on and that a low carbon, healthy future is possible for all, whilst avoiding unnecessary increases in your electricity bill. 

This website provides more information about My Electric Avenue and it will communciate the learning outcomes form the project.

Find out more about the benefits of electric vehicles and to register your interest in the social trials.

My Electric Avenue is the public identity for the Low Carbon Networks Fund Tier 2 project called 'I2EV'.

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