My Electric Avenue builds EV usage database in a UK first

8th October, 2014

My Electric Avenue Technical and Social trial participants are helping us to build a UK database of real electric vehicle (EV) usage.

My Electric Avenue creates the UK’s first electric vehicle ‘super cluster’

8th October, 2014

Earlier this year, My Electric Avenue created the first ‘street of the future’ in Marlow and over the summer months more clusters have appeared across the UK in Chineham, Chiswick, Whiteley, Slough, Wylam, South Gosforth, and South Shields.

My Electric Avenue coming to Cenex

4th September, 2014

My Electric Avenue will be exhibiting at Cenex LCV 2014, the UK’s leading low carbon vehicle event, on the 10-11 September at Millbrook Proving Ground, and preparation is well underway for attendance at this year’s Low Carbon Network and Innovation (LCNI) Conference in Aberdeen on 20-22nd October.

My Electric Avenue achieves first series of Ofgem delivery targets

4th September, 2014

My Electric Avenue has now achieved all Successful Delivery Results Criteria (SDRC) for 9.5 – recruitment of both Technical trial participants and Social trial participants to the My Electric Avenue trials.

My Electric Avenue creates the UK’s first electric car ‘street of the future’

4th April, 2014

The UK’s first road of electric cars – ‘the street of the future’ - has been created in Marlow by the ground-breaking ‘My Electric Avenue’ project. Nine neighbours are now receiving delivery of their all-electric Nissan LEAFs to use over 18 months in order to test a new technology that will monitor and control the electricity demand from charging electric cars. The project, which is led by EA Technology and hosted by Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution (SSEPD) aims to discover essential learning about managing the local electricity network as sales of cars with ‘plug-in’ capability continue to rise.

My Electric Avenue Car Deliveries and Installations Gather Pace

20th March, 2014

Now that My Electric Avenue has exceeded its targets for recruitment to the Technical trials, delivery of Nissan LEAF electric vehicles and installation of charging points and Esprit technology is being accelerated. The ‘Esprit’ technology monitors and controls the demand from EVs charging at the same time on the same street, and is designed to prevent underground cables, overhead lines and substations from being overloaded.

My Electric Avenue exceeds targets for electric car trials

12th March, 2014


My Electric Avenue, the ground-breaking electric vehicle (EV) project led by EA Technology and hosted by Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution (SSEPD), has now signed up more than enough customers to allow it to move to the next stage of customer-based trials.

TV presenter Paul Ross takes part in My Electric Avenue trials

6th March, 2014

TV and radio presenter Paul Ross has become one of the latest people to drive an all-electric Nissan LEAF as part of My Electric Avenue’s Social Trials.

Paul shared his views with us about whether an electric car is a practical proposition for his life for a feature on the MSN website.

After just a few weeks with the new Nissan LEAF, driving it around 80 miles each day, Paul is amazed at how much money he is saving by running the car, which he calculates to be around £7,000 per year!

Read the full article about Paul Ross on the MSN website

My Electric Avenue’s director talks about the project at the Low Carbon Networks Fund Conference

20th November, 2013

Dave A Roberts, director of EA Technology and My Electric Avenue, gave a presentation about the successful approach taken to customer engagement through the My Electric Avenue project at the Low Carbon Networks Fund Conference in Brighton. The audience was shocked when he mentioned that we had to find ten close neighbours in one local area – often just one street – to take part in the trials.

Drive an all-electric Nissan LEAF as part of My Electric Avenue’s Social Trials

20th November, 2013

Individuals are now able to lease a new electric Nissan LEAF at a specially negotiated rate for 18 months as part of My Electric Avenue’s ‘Social Trials’. This is a unique cost-effective opportunity to find out how an electric car could be ideal for your needs.

Ofgem agrees to early release of project funding

20th November, 2013

Because the targets set for My Electric Avenue have been achieved four months ahead of schedule, Ofgem has agreed to early release of project funding, which means that the first seven clusters can now look forward to installation of charging points, Esprit technology and delivery of Nissan LEAFs months earlier than originally anticipated.

My Electric Avenue announces first customer clusters to take part in ground-breaking electric car trials

13th November, 2013

As the Low Carbon Networks Fund Conference gets underway today in Brighton, one of the fund’s projects has exciting news to report.

The £9m My Electric Avenue project, hosted by Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution (SSEPD), and led by EA Technology, is testing the impact of electric vehicles on the local electricity network, and is today announcing the communities which have been successful in applying to take part in the project’s ‘Technical Trials’ and unveiling details of the next stage of customer-based research, the ‘Social Trials’.

Wylam Cluster

Significant progress with My Electric Avenue clusters - and new videos of cluster engagement events

22nd August, 2013

To date, My Electric Avenue has had a total of 815 leads, 283 champions, 321 network diagrams completed and sent out to clusters, 27 EV test drives with local communities, 22 emerging clusters, and - critically - there are now six clusters of at least 10 people, all of whom have signed Declaration of Intent forms to confirm their commitment to the My Electric Avenue cluster trials.

Social Trials

My Electric Avenue launches social trials

21st August, 2013

If you would like to take part in My Electric Avenue but you can't find another nine neighbours to get involved as part of a cluster, there is now another way to participate - through our social trials.

Dave A Roberts

My Electric Avenue project director invited to sit on expert panel at low carbon vehicle event

19th August, 2013

Dave A. Roberts, Future Networks Director, EA Technology Europe, and director of My Electric Avenue project, has been invited to be a member of an expert panel at the UK's leading low carbon vehicle event, LCV2013. Dave will take part in the session entitled: 'Energy for Transport: Implications on the wider energy system of the transition to ultra low emission vehicles.'

Sustainable Futures

My Electric Avenue featured in Industry and Parliament Trust Sustainable Futures report

16th August, 2013

My Electric Avenue has been featured in Industry and Parliament Trust (IPT) report entitled 'Sustainable Futures: Examining Investment and Technological Innovation for a Low-Carbon Economy'. The IPT is dedicated to promoting mutual understanding between Parliament and UK business.


Robert Llewellyn Fully Charged

My Electric Avenue is the subject of Robert Llewellyn's Fully Charged Film

15th August, 2013

Robert Llewellyn has produced a film about My Electric Avenue as part of his Fully Charged online show series.

Gian Avignone from Drayson Racing Technologies with Dave A. Roberts from EA Technology with a Nissan LEAF being used for My Electric Avenue trials, together with Nissan’s zero emission LEAF NISMO RC racing car.

My Electric Avenue charges into action, with support from Oxford-based Drayson Racing Technologies

24th July, 2013

My Electric Avenue has charged into life, with support from Drayson Racing Technologies and other local businesses at the company’s base in Oxfordshire. Drayson Racing Technologies is looking seriously at becoming one of the first workplace charging clusters to be formed as part of the ‘My Electric Avenue’ project.

Champions are leading the way

Champions are leading the way

26th June, 2013

The rapid rise of interest in My Electric Avenue has been led by a number of individuals or ‘champions’ who have taken it upon themselves to recruit another nine neighbours to participate in the project. Individuals have promoted the project with their neighbours by means such as word of mouth, handing out leaflets that are downloadable from, social networking, and over a pint in the local pub.

My Electric Avenue

Will your street be the first Electric Avenue?

26th June, 2013

There have now been well over 500 enquiries from people wishing to take part in My Electric Avenue, and the race is on to become the first cluster. In fact there are now at least five potential clusters that may be in a position to actually ‘go live’, each with around ten people or more who are keen to take part in the project. Emerging clusters in Watlington and South Gosforth have just reached the magic number ten – and so are through to the next stage of checks, surveys and funding approval to get them geared up and ready to go!


The My Electric Avenue Project was delivered between January 2013 and December 2015 by EA Technology on behalf of Scottish and Southern Energy Networks (SSEN) as part of the Low Carbon Networks (LCN) Fund suite of innovation projects. As the Project is now complete, this webpage will no longer be updated, however you can learn more about the work undertaken by EA Technology at and SSEN at

For details of My Electric Avenue's legacy iniatives, visit the webpages for the Smart EV Project and the EV Network Group

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