EV trials catch attention of international community

15th April, 2015

Learning from the social and technical trials has sparked interest in the international community.

CIRED is the largest international arena for demonstrating and promoting the latest in breakthrough technology and innovation in distributed electricity. Its revered status stems from a long-standing presence in the industry, with the first conference dating back to 1971. The conference focuses on network components, power quality, operation, control and protection, distributed energy resources and active demand integration, planning of power distribution systems and challenges of DSO regulation and competitive market.

This year’s event will be the 23rd International Conference and Exhibition, held in Lyon, France.

My Electric Avenue has provided information and data content for two papers to be presented at the event, produced by the project lead, EA Technology and academic partner, the University of Manchester.

"Probabilistic Impact Assessment of Electric Vehicle Charging on Residential UK LV Networks" has been selected for presentation in the Research and Innovation Forum within Distributed energy resources and active demand integration.

"Direct Control of EV Charging on Feeders with EV Clusters" has been selected for poster presentation and exhibition within Distributed energy resources and active demand integration.

Dr Luis (Nando) Ochoa, lecturer in Smart Distribution Networks says, “CIRED has been, and continues to be, the prime event where DNOs in Europe and around the world, together with manufacturers, consultants and researchers, present and discuss challenges faced by the industry – and potential solutions. We are very excited about our participation in this event as we will be able to share the unique learning gathered so far by My Electric Avenue - the largest project studying the impact of EVs in the UK and one of the largest in the world.”

The My Electric Avenue Project was delivered between January 2013 and December 2015 by EA Technology on behalf of Scottish and Southern Energy Networks (SSEN) as part of the Low Carbon Networks (LCN) Fund suite of innovation projects. As the Project is now complete, this webpage will no longer be updated, however you can learn more about the work undertaken by EA Technology at www.eatechnology.com and SSEN at www.ssepd.co.uk/Home.

For details of My Electric Avenue's legacy iniatives, visit the webpages for the Smart EV Project and the EV Network Group

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